Serah's Lagoon Hideaway

Serah's Lagoon Hideaway is the perfect choice for those wanting to truly experience local customs and culture in a province with very little tourism traffic. Serah is a great host that makes some of the most delicious traditional meals throughout your stay. 



Serah’s Lagoon Hideaway offers a totally unique experience you will cherish and value forever.

Situated in one of the most interesting and breathtaking areas of the Solomons, the Langa Langa Lagoon, the lodge is perfectly located 14.94 km away from Auki, the capital town of Malaita, and it is right in the centre of the lagoon.
Guests will experience a real authentic demonstration of the traditional custom of the amazing art of shell-money making. You will learn some of its uses, watch demonstrations of our traditional engineering method building man-made islands in the lagoon, visit modern wooden boat building projects, take a boat ride through the lagoon, visit the villages, have an island picnic and many more breath taking experiences when you pay the lodge a visit.