The Arnavon Islands which are marine turtle reserves are one of the most beautify and untouched areas of the Solomon Islands, this remote haven will leave you breathless with its spectacular scenery and flourishing wildlife.

Since the establishment of the ACMCA the number of hawksbill turtle nests that are laid annually has more than doubled.  Today around 1200 hawksbill turtle nests are laid every year in the Arnavons group. 


Arnavon Community Marine Protection Area is made up of 40,000 acres, consisting of three small uninhibited islands; here you will find thriving coral reefs and lagoons filled with countless species of underwater creatures, white sand beaches with crystal blue water that are also home to thousands of egg-breading turtle, and a high diversity and abundance of birds. When visiting Arnavon not only will you experience its scenic beauty but you will also have the opportunity to assist rangers with their nightly monitory of turtle egg-laying.