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Disneyland really is a magical world, a place ‘Where dreams come true’. Here they can perform for a welcoming, international audience as well as develop their craft with a Disney entertainment workshop. Imagine the confidence and memories that will stay with them for a lifetime. It’s time for your students to take on the world stage! Disney is a place to learn and be rewarded for all of their hard work. It truly is ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’.


California, Paris, Florida, and Beyond!


Hi, I'm karen Spencer...

As a travel agent and dance group specialist I love to help people get out there. Our world is bursting with incredible experiences to be discovered and enjoyed, experiences that will form those favourite memories, the ones that stay with you for a lifetime. It’s time to get amongst it.

I’ve created thousands of journeys for my clients and over the last nine years my team of travel experts has helped hundreds of dancers perform proudly on Disney stages. Having been involved with dance most of my life, dance tours were a natural specialty for my business. My eldest daughter has been dancing for over 35 years and started her own dancing school when she was 25. I made all the costumes for our local dancing school’s end of year concerts for 15 years. I know first-hand what an incredible experience it is for young performers and parents alike to see their little ones dance their hearts out on stage, but I also know how daunting it can seem when long distance travel is thrown into the mix. 


That is, unless you’ve got someone who has been there before. Someone who’s prepared, organised, on-call and ready to navigate the obstacles as they arise. Someone like me. I guess you can think of me as your ‘Tour Mum’ (except I won’t do the laundry!)  My range of exciting dance tours promise to stay in the memories of young dancers for years to come. There’s a certain sense of wonder and awe that comes with learning and performing in such incredible venues. So if you’re ready to take your students on a grand adventure, full of spectacle, fun new discoveries (and a bit of dancing of course), you’ve come to the right place.


My reputation for being someone you can trust is incredibly important to me. In dance circles I am proud to be known for my skill at planning smooth trips, locking down competitive prices and taking your students’ dreams and making them a reality. 


Popular Travel Packages


California Adventure - Sample Itineray

When students arrive in LA, they instantly see why it is the entertainment capital of the world. The California Adventure tour includes the full experience from the sheer wonder of Disneyland to the magic of Hollywood: 

    •    Return airfares
    •    Airport transfers
    •    8 nights accommodation
    •    5 day Disney Hopper Pass
    •    Universal Studios full day tour
    •    Sea World San Diego full day tour
    •    LA/Hollywood tour
    •    Disney & Universal dance performances and workshops
    •    Dance classes at LA or Hollywood dance studios




Fabulous Florida - Sample ITINERARY

Sunny, vibrant Florida promises to dazzle with a mixture of Disneyland magic and exciting rides courtesy of some of the world’s best theme parks. This package includes:
    •    Return airfares airport transfers
    •    10 nights accommodation
    •    5 day Disney Hopper Pass
    •    2 day pass for Universal Studios
    •    Kennedy Space Centre tour
    •    Disney & Universal dance performances and workshops


Left; Disneyland Paris . Right; Hong Kong Disneyland (photos: flickr.com/tombricker)

Left; Disneyland Paris . Right; Hong Kong Disneyland (photos: flickr.com/tombricker)


Where Else?

The world is full of so many amazing stages on which to dance and I’ve planned exciting dance trips for the very best of them. If you’d like to chat about the following packages, please contact me directly:

    •    Disneyland Paris Spectacular
    •    London Dance Experience
    •    Hong Kong Disney Adventure

My packages are flexible and can be adjusted to suit the needs of your group. We can easily extend or shorten your stay, or add a stopover to your itinerary to make your holiday experience last that bit longer. Many of my LA package groups like to book a few unforgettable days in San Francisco or Las Vegas, while New York and LA are popular options for my Florida tour groups.



My Approach


My Job isn't over until you're home safely

The most important aspect of my approach is that my job isn’t over once you hop on the plane. I make sure all of my dance tour groups have an expert guide travelling with them, whether it’s myself or one of my friendly and experienced team. We’re always on hand as your group’s personal concierge. So don’t worry – no missing flights or getting lost in unfamiliar places! We strive to offer you a very personalised service.

I like to be flexible and helpful throughout the whole planning and travel process. We’ll start with an in-depth consultation to work out how to make this the best possible trip for your group. I’ll then provide you with detailed information packs to bring parents up to speed at an informal information session. My services extend to registering your group for their Disney Performances and training workshops with Disney’s events team.

Every travel itinerary I compile is comprehensive and clearly organised, because no one likes to mess around with messy paperwork when they’re also trying to wrangle a dozen bouncing kids! Creating customised, exciting itineraries is my true passion and I’m always excited to have a chat about your dream trip and provide you with a free quote.


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