Are you an Experienced Travel Consultant?


Imagine a Business Opportunity that offers you a way to earn income without handling or pay upfront for any inventory or selling items door to door, requires only a small investment, provides extensive support and involves something you enjoy...Travel ... what could be better?


Every year, $4 trillion is spent on travel around the World.

It's big business. Now, through Go Tours Travel, it's also a great home-based business opportunity as well. Whether you're looking for a way to supplement your income on a part-time basis, or hoping for full-time business opportunity,  Go Tours Travel can get you started and help you build your own Independent Travel Agency, that you can run from your own home or office.


The key concept is that you are independent. Take Control of your Future!

Our program is simply developing a group of active Travel Consultants who wish to remain or become Independent and control their own destiny, build a secure income for themselves whilst developing their own client based travel business, and work from home, office or anywhere around Australia, at their own pace and in their own time. You'll have piece of mind knowing that you'll have back up and support 5 days a week from head office and an after hours number to call should a problem arise. If it's marketing or technology and  we'll guide you in the right direction. There's very little admin involued as we control the accounts and billing leaving you more time to sell and make bigger returns.


 The regulations

As we are Helloworld Affiliate members you will have excellent buying power and the benefits of a strong agency group and our preferred partners to work with as well.

We are continuing to develop our website for you to use as a selling tool together with our Surf The Earth which is all our surfing destination and in most cases we are exclusive Australian GSA (General Sales Agents) 

If you're a destination and product specific specialist we'll arrange webpages on our website with all enquiries linking directly to you - this service is free of charge once you join our group. 
As our consultants are of a mobile nature, our program complies with the Travel Agents Act of 1998, Travel Compensation Fund and The Office of Fair Trading.


The Cost to You

There's a 1 off start up fee of $500 and a monthly cost of $60, this can be waived, please see below.


Your Commission

The commissions you generate from your sales are split 60-40, however should you turn over $4,000 in the one month, the commission level then goes to 70-30 (70% to you) for that month and we also have better commission for those larger bookings ... less any credit card fees etc if applicable. 

These commissions are paid after approx end of the 2nd week each month eg Jan booking will be paid approx 12 Feb. 


The Incentive

We have an incentive where if $25,000 turnover is reached in any one month the $60 rental charge is not required and if $200,000 t/o is reached in 12 months the $500 connection fee is refunded. 

For those who are a bit rusty or would like phone training we offer a $100 phone training service - this gets you 4 x 30 mins training segments one on one with one of our experienced consultants. This way you can be walked one on one through website booking engine and online procedures. 

There are no monthly budgetary constraints you have to meet, it's simply "reward for effort".
We will give you all the assistance and help you may require, brochure stocks, look after your clients if your away or sick, keep you in touch with specials, trade nights, brainstorming meets etc etc. 

So you can see with such small overhead costs, you can develop a nice income in your spare time and in a job that is exciting, rewarding, no stock or bad debts to keep and you and your family get to see the World at the right price. 



So far it's developing nicely with many happy consultants around Australia. We will give support where needed and keep you up to date with daily email newsletters from industry partners and a monthly in house newsletter.