Lau Lagoon is located on the north-east coast of Malaita Island. Lau is more then 35 km long and contains about 60 islands built on the reef.

These Islands were originally formed one rock at a time. A family would paddle their canoe out and retrieve one rock at a time, paddle them back to their selected site and drop the rocks into the water. This formed the 60 islands. Berlin is located in the spectacular Lau lagoon amidst unique and ancient man made islands and stilted villages, fringed by a massive reef system on one side and spectacular mountains on the other.

Berlin - is built on 2 man- made islands bridged together, it’s the perfect place getaway on your Solomon Islands holiday. Travel here by long boat from the local airport approx 1 hours drive.

Mark and his family will welcome you to their small island paradise surrounded by nature. Wake up daily to amazing sunrise and live like the Solwata people of Malaita.

Berlin boast one of the best view from you bath on the world, relax and the bath with views across the Lau Lagoon.

On the main land are gardens in which the Lau women grow their fruit and vegetables including papaya, bananas, coconut and green vegetables. The local men fish in the lagoon or the ocean.


  • Visit a local market where the Solwata people (the island people) trade with the bush people. (the people who live on land)

  • Church service, which is a special gathering of all the local mothers unions in the area. There is also a small convenient store on this Island.

  • Visit to the local school or clinic.

  • Fishing for big pelagic and reef fish.

  • Go snorkeling, swimming or paddling in the lagoon in a dugout canoe

  • Take a Rainforest and waterfall trek

  • Surfing, Lau Lagoon is an incredible surfing playground with more then a dozen world class reef set ups.

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