Kolombangara Island


Kolombangara Island is home to an exinct volano that reaches 1,800m above sea level. This forms one of the highest mountains in the Solomon Islands outside of the Guadalcanal region. This area has been preserved from logging and is therefore home to dense jungle with a large variety of wildlife such as the the local endemic birds the Kolombangara White Eye and local endemic frogs.

The area is now managed for conservation and is the perfect escape for those interested in adventure. Guests can trek to the volcano crater and rim, birdwatch, snorkel or enjoy other rainforest and river walks. Most of the available hikes take a few days to complete and therefore there are camps along the way, some with basic huts. All hikes are to be accompanied by a guide. 


Ringgi Guesthouse

IMGP0563 small IRL_0.jpg

Located at Ringgi township, Ringgi Guesthouse offers three air-conditioned twin rooms, linen/towels and shared dining rooms with a kitchen and amenities. This is the perfect place to use as a base to study the unique birds in the area, learn more about the plantation company activities or relax after your mountain walks. The guesthouse also has town power and water, shops nearby for basic supplies, mobile reception and the option for full catering. 

Imbu Rano Lodge

Specially designed for visitors and scientists to access the highland rainforests, Imbu Rano Lodge features an 18m long balcony with stunning views of the Vila River Valley and Mt Rano, the second highest peak of the Kolombangara Crater Rim. At 370m altitude it is an ideal base to explore the surrounding rainforest and trek both inside the Crater via the Vila River or take the ridge line walk to Mt Veve, the highest peak of Kolombangara.

The lodge offers two twin rooms (max three), a bunk room, linen/towels and shared kitchen and amenities. Drinkable tank water, solar power for lighting and 24 hour security. If desired you can book the whole lodge for added privacy or large groups. Please enquire for more information.