You are on a small tropical island perched on the edge of the longest lagoon in the world, accommodated in a relaxed and comfortable resort, effortlessly absorbing the natural wonder and character of this authentic and exciting part of the Pacific. As you arrived at this remote but accessible destination the everyday demands and pressures of modern living simply faded away, overwhelmed by your awareness of a beautiful and natural world, that is Uepi.

And you need share this unique experience of paradise with relatively few other people. Six bungalows, two units and two guest rooms offer clean and comfortable accommodation with a twenty six bed maximum capacity. The accommodation is generously spaced amongst colourful tropical gardens ensuring that all guests can enjoy privacy and intimacy, complimented by easy social interaction with a small group of people. The deliciously healthy resort meals are based around fresh local seafood and organically grown fruits and vegetables, prepared by talented local chefs.


One of the attractions of Uepi is the small number of guests sharing this beautiful island. Although there are 26 beds, approximately 20 guests is considered to be a full house. There are six spacious, well appointed bungalows for families or couples, two units and two guest rooms.

All rooms have private bathroom with ambient temperature showers and toilet facilities.

Bathrooms are supplied with a range of natural plant/mineral based toiletries; hand wash, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. These toiletries are made by Western Australian company, Envirocare Earth, are 100% biodegradable and are based on organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Beach towels are provided in all rooms.

All accommodation is screened and all bedrooms have fans.

POWER: 24 hour power is provided by way of 240v generator. All rooms are equipped with Australian style power points.

DINING & BAR: Breakfast and the evening meal are served in the "leaf haus" dining deck at the main house.  Lunches are delivered to your accommodation.

All meals are based on fresh locally grown organic produce sourced from nearby villages and the freshest premium seafood. Uepi has a kitchen garden on site, growing most of the resort's salad vegetables and fruit. Excellent chickens and eggs are also produced locally for the resort.  Meals are prepared by our talented local chefs and are a highlight of your stay. Special dietary requirements can be catered for with adequate notice, consultation and cooperation.

Our comfortable 'leaf haus' bar adjoins the dining area and offers selected imported wines, the well regarded local "Solbrew' beer plus limited imported beer, a variety of spirits and mixers. Green drinking coconuts are available. Cool breezes and cold drinks make this a most popular meeting place.

Diving and Snorkelling


Uepi offers the unique opportunity to dive first-class sites that are only minutes away from the dive shop; conveniently located either off the edge of the island or just a short boat trip away. Diving is based on multi-level planning, beginning at 30 metres or less and ascending slowly throughout the dive, so Dive Computers are required. It is common for divers to stay in the water for an hour or so on each dive because the top 5-10 metres have endless species to discover, allowing a diver to get maximum value from each dive. Rarely will you view such diverse concentrations of marine-life in such a varied environment, ranging from lagoon coral gardens to vertical drop-offs into 2000 metres of ocean (The Slot), mostly within the confines of a three kilometre stretch of reef.

The same basic dive rate applies to shore dives, night dives and boat dives on Uepi Island sites (see excursion dives later). The majority of expense for diving at Uepi relates to the cost of maintaining the reef and environs, as well as providing dive guides and a dive facility in such an isolated area.

Because of the location of Uepi Island, waters may be very clear with visibility in excess of 30m or visibility may be less. Tidal current interchanging to & from the Marovo Lagoon and The Slot makes the deep water passage immediately adjacent to the resort a prime habitat for a colourful population of filter feeders such as corals & sponges as well as for reef-fish, sedentary animals and pelagics.



We currently adopt a low-key approach to fishing around Uepi. The reluctance to become involved with large boats and the professional fishing scene is tied to the development of Uepi as a tourist resort in the Marovo Lagoon, where an attempt to grow at a pace which is in keeping with the local changes throughout the lagoon has been part of the Resort’s philosophy. We have deliberately resisted the lure of commercial gains from high profile game fishing. The resort development plans have not included fast tracking around the lagoon in superior looking boats while the Marovo people are using the traditional dugout canoes with paddles or fiberglass canoes with outboard motors.

The Resort policy is based on treating Uepi reefs as a sanctuary and keeping those areas as fish breeding zones so that the fishing potential of the surrounding areas will be increased. This has been proven in other parts of the world and is one reason why we are encouraging the catch and release style of fishing (which will not deplete fish stock) as a possible industry for local people. Such a plan supports our renewable resource strategy for development of local industries. We do not fish the reefs of Uepi Island itself.

The absolute adventure of going fishing can be experienced at Uepi because of the underdeveloped nature of the area and the potential of the waters to produce literally anything and everything. Slowly cruising along the jungle fringed barrier reef islands with 2,000m of water beneath and the sun either slowly sinking or rising is indeed a most satisfying experience. The thrill of sighting the birds, finding the school and watching the sharks cruising through is surely not easily forgotten. Watching the fisherpeople hook up and reel in a fish for dinner brings out the Family Robinson instincts and the excitement of the catch is no doubt something that every fisherperson can relate to.

Kayak Solomons


Kayak Solomons expeditions throughout the Marovo and Nono Lagoon are tailored to suit each group of kayaker’s level of expertise and fitness, and their interests.

The Marovo Lagoon is the largest saltwater lagoon in the world. The waters are calm and the sea-life abundant. Turtles, dolphins, rays and the occasional whale, magnificent coral gardens and prolific tropical and pelagic fish life abound, all surrounded by magnificent beaches and rainforest. Add to this the opportunity to sample genuine Pacific Island hospitality and culture whilst staying in Eco-lodges within villages dotted throughout the lagoon. This will ensure that the experience of kayaking in this pristine and unspoilt environment will be truly unique.

Expedition costs include fully guided expedition, all food, accommodation, taxes, kayaks and equipment. Expeditions are for a minimum of 3 nights.

Each kayaking expedition begins and ends at Uepi Island Resort (3 nights total - charged at Uepi Island Resort accommodation rates).
The first full day will be spent at Uepi and kayakers will have plenty of time to meet their kayak guide, become familiar with equipment and safety procedures, review skills and be introduced to Solomon Island culture, customs and natural history. The expedition commences on the second full day.


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