Driftwood Eco Lodge


Driftwood offers a unique Eco-adventure holiday living together with the village people of the Morovo Lagoon, one of the last civilizations who live a subsistence lifestyle. Let your mind drift away from modern day stress and digital overload while going hunting and gathering moments in the ocean and on land.


Come and experience the picturesque village life in the Solomon Islands in a virgin forest wilderness surrounded by pristine ocean.

The hallmark of Driftwood is the incorporation of adventure and Eco-travel with a touch of luxury. You stay in a house where everything is made from scratch using 70% of fallen trees and natural materials.

Your Solomon Home

The House can be booked as private rooms or the entire house. We have space for seven adults and two children. Included is a private cook, house keeper and laundry service.

The three rooms are unique with private en suite bathrooms.  The Ocean View and Forest View rooms are equipped with a kind bed which can be split into two singles. The third room is a loft with ocean view bathroom and balcony that contains a double bed and a single day bed.

All bathrooms are outdoor with view over the lagoon and have Australian standard toilets and showers with fresh spring fed clean water to cool of.

The Main room of the House contains a large open kitchen, dining and the lounge area in the central to the house with a stunning view of the ocean and neighbouring island. In the night you will be stunned by the expansive star filled night sky. Enjoy the comfort and relaxation of the completely screened house. The design of the house combines western standards with Solomon Island features and also includes a wood fired pizza oven and edible garden.

The kitchen is purpose designed with a large bench top and a modern burner cooker to accommodate up to eight guests who love to cook and eat. The cooks will serve you a mouth-watering weekly menu that showcase the best of Solomon Islander dishes with a modern twist. If you want to take charge of cooking, you are very welcome to do so and have the chefs as your kitchen hand.

Your Experience

Driftwood offers an opportunity to experience village life in the beautiful, untouched wilderness and pristine ocean of the Morovo Lagoon.

We would like to take you on a life-altering journey. Prepare to awaken your ancestral roots and rekindle your connection to the circle of life.

Growing, hunting and gathering, and looking out for your tribe. This is basic rite of passage and ensures human survival. It keeps us connected to our individual nature. Understanding where our meals come from and how, beckons balance in the food chain.

Come and learn how to free dive, hunt, cook your catch with our fresh garden ingredients. Have canoe adventures with our village guides; learn how to create a masterpiece with fallen ancient timbers; or go hiking up rapids to waterfalls.

Your Driftwood Activities

The Driftwood Experience can include all of the adventures on offer or simply just relaxing by the beach with a coconut. And while itʼs your choice, weʼre here to inspire.  All these adventures are included for free as part of the standard package when you come and stay with us so come relax and enjoy the fun, the silence or to listen and share stories. This is village life. Reconnect with yourself and nature.

The Village

Meet the village ladies who will teach you to how chop leaves and weave baskets for your fruit harvest; help them make coconut commodities using traditional tools to the soundtrack of village children singing and laughing.

Get creative in the workshop learning how to make your own special souvenir using fallen ancient timbers. This is an exquisite close up to the finer details of nature and its unique beauty.


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