Imagination Island is located just 10 minutes by motor canoe from the town of Gizo - which is the the Solomon Islands premier tourist destination, and the most developed area outside the capital city of Honiara.

By limiting the number of guests, we want you to feel Imagination Island is your own island. Your own private paradise.



Four Reef Bungalows are built over the water, overlooking the shallow reef flats on the sheltered south side of the island. Two of these reef bungalows are one bedroom and two are two bedroom. They suit up to four people comfortably and are suitable for a couple or a family.
Each bungalow has a queen sized bed, luggage rack and clothing storage space and are furnished with locally made wood, bamboo and cane furniture as well as hammocks.

Reef Bungalows

Mermaids Restuarant

All bungalows have private bathroom facilities with hot and cold water and environmentally friendly composting toilet facilities.

Bathrooms are supplied with a range of natural plant and mineral based soap and toiletery products.

Bath and beach towels are provided & All bedrooms have fans and mosquito nets.


Power is provided by a combination of 240v generator, solar power and battery-powered inverters. Rooms are equiped with Australian style power points.

As you sit at your private deck, you will be able to spot many species of fish, small black-tip reef sharks and possibly even manta rays, sea turtles and dugongs, among other marine species.


Scuba Diving

World-class diving awaits you in the underwater realms of the Solomon Islands. Recent National Geographic articles have placed this area among the most pristine and best preserved diving areas in the world. With existing record counts of over 270 fish species in a single dive tank, the marine biodiversity surrounding Gizo is truly world class. The water is crystal clear with up to 70m visibility and is warm all year round.

The Solomons is famous for its World War II ship and plane wrecks. Some of those in the waters around Gizo include the Toa Maru, the American Hellcat fighter plane, the American Corsair fighter plane, the Japanese Zero and the Tokyo Maru 11.

Two recently-sunk shipwrecks are accessible from Imagination Island and form a living experiment. These are both former tuna fishing vessels which were sunk by Imagination Island staff in 2011 and are now a haven for sea life. The shallow wreck is 18m to 6m deep, which is perfect for beginner or open-water divers (and snorkelling). The deep wreck is 45 to 27m in depth - perfect for advanced divers.

Best of all, the Solomons are diveable year-round.



Snorkeling is a fun and relaxing way to view the colourful and fascinating world just beneath the ocean's surface. On the shallow reef around Imagination Island, you will see abundant hard and soft corals, a multitude of tiny tropical fish of every colour imaginable, clown fish, schools of parrot fish, wrasse, giant clam shells and much more. If you are lucky, you may see crayfish, eagle rays, dugongs, turtles or dolphins along the reef edge. Reef sharks are harmless and are a sign of a healthy reef ecosystem. Snorkelers will also enjoy the view of our shallow wreck.


Mahi Mahi

Game Fishing

Just minutes from the island is excellent deep-water game fishing for pelagic fish including wakoo, spanish mackeral, dorado (mahi mahi), giant trevally, tuna, marlin or sailfish.

Venturing futher away, game fisherman can fish the deep-water trenches and drop offs or FADS.

Reef fishing trips may be organised, where the fisherman will have access to a wide variety of reef fish.



The reef around Imagination Island was declared a Marine Park in 2012. Spearfishing of reef fish is not permitted in this area.  Targeting pelagic species in the deeper waters off the reef is allowed as spearfishing is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly forms of fishing.

Spearfishing tours at other nearby sites can be organised with  the island's expert local guides including extreme adventures for the blue-water hunter.


Pailongge and Titiana have excellent surf breaks and you will most often have the waves completely to yourself.  Surf is best from November to April. When the surf is up Pailongge is exceptional.


Stand up paddle boards

Gliding on crystal clear waters over the reef on a SUP board, you will see as much marine life as you see snorkeling. With a bird's eye view, you will see further and may see turtles, schools of bonito tuna, reef sharks, manta rays, eagle rays and dolphins.

Dugout canoe

Explore the reef, fish or paddle to nearby uninhabited island in a sea kayak or local style with Imagination Island Dugout canoes.

The Reef Bar

The Reef Bar

Relax at the Reef Bar with an ice-cold beer, cocktail, wine, fresh fruit juice or espresso coffee made from local organic coffee whilst enjoying the stunning views.



Kolomobangara volcano

Regularly draped in cloud cover and rain, Kolombangara Island is an extinct cone-shaped volcano towering at 1700m high and visible from most parts of Western Province. Due to its remoteness and steep trails, potential hikers should exercise caution on this hike. It is normally completed over two days, the first taking you to just below the summit. This will enable an early morning hike to the top for spectacular views before the regular cloud cover sets in for the day. We can provide local guides and organise your accommodation on the Island.


Village Tours

The native Solomon Island people are very friendly and eager to share their culture and traditions with visitors. We invite you to learn about local cultures with our specially designed village tours.


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