Fatboy's Resort

The name "fatboys" is derived from the character "Joe" from the book "The Pickwick Papers" by Charles Dickens. The fatboys life revolves around drinking, eating, sleeping and making every conceivable effort to avoid work. Whilst at fatboys the customer becomes "Joe the fatboy"

Fatboys bar & restaurant is situated 100 metres out atop the crystal clear waters of Mbabanga Island, an 8 minute boat ride from Gizo, the provincial capital of the Western Solomon’s. Enjoy an ice cold bevy, a plate of fresh crayfish pan fried in lime juice and butter, a game of pool, or simply kick back and be mesmerized by the myriad of tropical fish swimming underneath you. Our well stocked bar includes a modest wine list and our locally grown produce, including catches of fresh seafood every day, enable us to create mouth-watering dishes for you. We are open for lunch every day and take bookings for dinner.



Fatboys tastefully appointed bungalows are situated on the waters edge of Mbabanga Island, affording the most magnificent views to Kennedy Island (JFK fame), the majestic volcano Mt Kolombangara and beyond.

The bungalows have been constructed using a blend of traditional leaf and local tropical hardwoods. Great care has been taken and the imported furniture and bedding will ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible. Fatboys has two Family Bungalow, two Couples Bungalow and one Self-contained Unit.

All bungalows feature beautiful bedding and furnishings imported from Vietnam along with tea and coffee making facilities, hot water private bathroom, DVD player with an extensive library of DVDs and have 24 hour fans and lighting. Fatboys also offer laundry service, daily housekeeping and Complimentary tuck down service.


Couples Bungalow

Each Couples Bungalow has an ensuite bathroom with hot water, queen size bed, mosquito screening and netting over the beds. They boast large verandas over the sea with incredible views.


Family Bungalow

The Family Bungalows are within a duplex; each has its own master bedroom with a queen sized bed and a bedroom out the back with three single beds (Can be changed to a queen sized bed on request). Both Family Bungalows have a private bathroom with hot water, are completely screened and have netting over each bed. Each bungalow also has a veranda area with a hammock and stunning views. Also featured is a shared veranda with tables and chairs and a staircase to the beach.


Self-contained Unit

The Self-contained Unit has its own private beach and views over both Kennedy Island and the Vona Vona. It has an upstairs master bedroom with a queen size bed and an en-suite. The next level has a bedroom with a queen sized and single bed. The unit also contains a lounge room. The whole unit is screened and there are mosquito nets above each bed.  Upstairs, there are two verandas with lounge chairs and a hammock.

Overwater BungaloW

This newly built bungalow is a stunning place to base yourself on your trip to the Solomon Islands. With a modern bathroom and a balcony with a view to die for, this is everything you are looking for. This bungalow is fitted with mosquito nets and your own personal jetty. The pictures say it all.


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Fatboys have a number of activities and guided tours available for those adventurous guest, they can organise fishing trips which will satisfy the most discerning angler or spear fisherman all the way through to the keen mountain hikers. These activities actively promote economic and social development for the people of the region by supporting local businesses. 


The Solomon Islands are renowned for having the most diverse and exciting diving to be found anywhere in the world from World War II wrecks to numerous offshore reefs, insane coral, manta rays and abundant marine life. All dives are an average of 28 degrees. The water surrounding Fatboys are tropically warm and exceptionally clear with a huge amount of colourful fish. You can choose to swim close to the sand or for the most adventurous type venture a little further out.

Fatboys snorkle tour: Fatboys to Munda/ Zipolo Fighter Plane in 9 meters of crystal clear water then skull Island. Then snorkel one of the fringing reefs on some of the pristine Islands of the lagoon.

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Surfers have known of this place for many years for its great atmosphere and great surf breaks. Gizo has a number of great surf locations all only accessible by boat from Fatboys, all Western Provenience surf breaks break on coral reef. Such breaks include:


PAILONGGE & TITIANA - Both can be easily reached with a short paddle from the village on Gizo Island. 

PAILONGGE - A long right-hander that picks up a lot of swell and breaks in front of a village. It has two sections that join and become perfect on large swells. Hollow inside sections.

TITIANA - 800 metres south and is a strong lefthander.

MAKUTI ISLAND - A short left-hander, very hollow and shallow. Best on high tide. Be sure to act respectful here towards the local villages.

SKULL ISLAND - A 2 hour boat ride from Gizo & near Zipolo Habu Resort. It's possibly the longest right-hander in the Solomon's. Needs a medium to large swell, best at 3-6 foot, the wave starts breaking about 200 meters south of Skull Island.

MECHANICAL - Walling wave that ends in a deep water into a lush lagoon. 

DESPERATES - A peaky right-hander that breaks close to shore. Great take off that barrels down-the-line. The wave breaks on a point at the end of a beautiful lagoon that you can enter by boat through a break in the reef. Great picnic and snorkelling spot.


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