Bokissa Resort


Nature has kissed Bokissa Private Island Resort, endowing it with beauty which needs no human intervention.


 Bokissa Private Island Resort,

Bokissa Private Island Resort,


With only one resort on the island the only sounds you’ll hear are the waves on the shore, and the rustle of the breeze through the rainforest which covers the island. Time to relax and enjoy the privacy.

Direct flights to Luganville make it an easy journey into another world of soft white sand beaches lapped by gin-clear waters – and under those waters is an array of coral reefs and world class dive sites which make this a premier destination for divers, snorkellers and lovers of pristine, natural beauty.

You’ll have to choose from an impressive array of activities, or choose to do none at all… with magnificent mature trees lining our beach, maybe a hammock will call you to rest, relax and enjoy a truly unspoilt little bit of heaven.


 Bokissa Private Island Resort,

Bokissa Private Island Resort,




Whatever style of accommodation you choose, it’s all right on the beach… sheltered and shaded by the canopies of enormous beach trees, and separate enough to provide a private retreat, with grassy surrounds perfect for lazing on a deck chair and surveying the scene. All accommodations are well appointed and very comfortable.


Beachfront Fare

Each of the air-conditioned Beachfront Farés have absolute beach frontage along with screened timber shutters and ceiling fans. The Farés are well separated with their own "space" with deck chairs, a hammock, and gardens. There is 24hr 240Vt electricity, tea and coffee making facilities, a mini-fridge, desk and chair. 

Deluxe Beachfront Fare

The Deluxe Beachfront Fare is situated off by itself with plenty of privacy; it features a large lounge area and a separate bathroom. Surrounded by beautiful gardens you can relax the day away in your recliner deck chairs, hammock or private spa bath.

Deluxe Beachfront Villa

This duplex-style fare which sits right on the water's edge features two bedrooms, two ensuites, two lounge areas, a hot tub and large private beach deck. It is divided into two parts separated by a patio and a communicating hall and doorway. One villa is split-level and is the larger of the two, while the other is only one level; either can be booked as a stand-alone Villa or together for families or groups. 


  Bokissa Private Island Resort Accommodation.

Bokissa Private Island Resort Accommodation.


Restaurants and Bars


With four chefs and all organic food, plus access to fabulous seafood, you’re assured of eating well while you’re on Bokissa Private Island Resort. Famous Santo beef, island pork and chicken, along with rock lobster, coral crab and freshly caught fish are on offer, and bread and desserts made daily on the island. They also offer a special menu for children.

Why not let Bokissa organise a picnic lunch or a romantic dinner for two on the jetty with only the waves and the stars as company?

You’ll find a wide selection of the finest wines from Australia, New Zealand and France, along with spirits, local and imported beer and Vanuatu kava made with Bokissa’s special recipe and pure distilled water from their own desalinator is available for those who wish to try it.


  Bokissa Private Island Resort Restaurants.

Bokissa Private Island Resort Restaurants.


Diving Bokissa Espiritu Santo


Dive sites near Bokissa are world class and divers come from all over the world to explore the wreck of the SS President Coolidge and Million Dollar Point. Bokissa Dive Resort's exclusive wreck of the M.V. Henry Bonneaud is a favourite among guests. The wreck of the Henry Bonneaud sits on the outer edge of the Bokissa Island coral reef and is only a few minutes from the Bokissa wharf in 30-40m of crystal clear water; this is one of the resorts prime night dives. At night, millions of small

flashlight fish hover in the companionways and cabins of the sunken ship making a truly spectacular vision.

Bokissa coral reefs are truly special; marine Biologists and underwater photographers come to Bokissa especially to dive the reefs, they comment that these reefs offer a unique opportunity to see and study the diverse south Pacific coral reef creatures. Hundreds of species of fish, hard and soft corals live in this protected marine sanctuary.

Bokissa has a fully equipped dive shop that has all the equipment you will need, from fins and snorkels to full SCUBA gear.


Dive Locations Include

  • SS President Coolidge
  • Million Dollar Point
  • USS Tucker
  • Tutuba Point
  • All Tutuba Reefs
  • Aore Reefs
  • Malo Reefs


Dives Exclusive to Bokissa guests:

  • MV Henry Bonneaud – World Rated night wreck dive.
  • All surrounding Bokissa pristine reefs.


Kayaks, Snorkelling, Fishing


It’s a small island, but there’s plenty to do - There are very few places in the world where you can stroll out of your fare, across the white sand beach, slip on your mask and filppers, and discover vibrantly alive coral reefs waiting for you right off the beach. Don't forget your waterproof camera!

Snorkel gear is free for guests, and so is the remarkable experience of floating in the clear warm waters while the fish of many colours, shapes and sizes meander through the water below. And then there’s the crystal wonderland of corals of all shapes and sizes, from delicate branched bright blue corals to massive yellow corals, many of which are hundreds of years old.


  Bokissa Private Island Resort Diving and Snorkelling.

Bokissa Private Island Resort Diving and Snorkelling.


You’ll find kayaks waiting for you on the beach, and you can paddle around the island, stopping off to enjoy the scenery as you go, or we can take you to a neighbouring island to paddle the pristine waters of the river, or to a local blue hole, where the water is incredibly clear and an equally incredible luminous blue.

And the fishing! If you like to fish this is the place for you. The fishing around our island is amazing, and we can organise trips to catch pelagic fish such as tuna, mackerel, wahoo, mahi mahi, sailfish and marlin. Because of our commitment to preserving the reef, we only fish for pelagics.


  Bokissa Private Island Resort Fishing and Snorkelling.

Bokissa Private Island Resort Fishing and Snorkelling.


Nature Activities


  • 25 metre freshwater pool (with night lighting)
  • Nakamal (Kava) Bar
  • Gift Shop
  • WiFi and phones in the restaurant and lounge
  • Mobile phone service
  • Tour Desk
  • Complimentary Kayaks and Snorkelling Gear
  • Massage Hut on the Beach
  • Bokissa’s own school and Kindergarten visits
  • Custom weaving and arts demonstrations
  • Hammocks outside all fare’s
  • Comprehensive library
  • Outdoor chessboard game
  • Volley ball court
  • Soccer pitch
  • 24 hour power
  • Dive Boat, fishing boat, water taxi


There is no in-room TV, radio, phones, or business centre - this is a retreat from all those intrusions. Of course if you do need to download your email we provide a WiFi Internet connection in the lodge and your mobile phone will work at Bokissa.


  Bokissa Private Island Resort Activities.

Bokissa Private Island Resort Activities.