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The team at Go Tours Travel have been in the travel industry since 1988 and selling the Solomons for over 20 years now. Our passion for this amazing country is second to none and we are proud to call it our 2nd home. Director Nick Blanche first fell in love The Sols on a search and discovery surf trip in the early 90’s and is responsible for helping local villages set up their own sustainable tourism projects. We are constantly revisiting the islands quality checking our product and looking for new and exciting places to visit.


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The Solomon’s is a 3rd world country and with that has some pitfalls, we are the only wholesaler to have our own ground operator in Honiara so if something goes wrong it can be fixed. We can provide all travel arrangement from transfers and tours, wholesale airfares, accommodation in resorts, lodges and village stays, group and corporate travel. We know were the best waves are and when, where to fish and dive or if you want to “Step off the Map” we can get you to the far reaches of this archipelago.
Some online travel sites claim to be cheaper however this is not the case and with no back up procedure you are on your own. Save your time and let us tailor design your ultimate Solomon Islands package to suit your budget, require experiences and length of stay.
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Go Tours Travel is an Australian owned family travel agent first licensed in 1988. Your money is safe as we run our own Trust Account, are ATAS accredited, are an IATA agent and are part of the Helloworld group with their Consumer protection - all monies paid helloworld agents are covered for agency insolvency.

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are an archipelago of 992 tropical islands and atolls, they comprise two major parallel island chains extending some 1800 kilometres from the Shortland Islands in the west near PNG to Tikopia and Anuta in the east.
Situated in the South Pacific between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, the population of about 560,000 is predominantly Melanesian but includes other smaller groups. Exotic local customs and traditions remain a very important part of life for Solomon Islanders A hundred local languages and a population living largely a subsistence lifestyle on their ancestral lands.. The islands and waters are still a little known pristine paradise. The Solomon Islands are part of the Coral Triangle which has the highest marine biodiversity in the world., containing thousands of different plant and animal species, especially the marine life. Many species are known only to the Solomons.
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