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Fishing Holidays
Fishing, Solomon Islands
Papatura Island Retreat
Escape from the worries, stress and pressure of the modern world, Papatura Island Retreat is the idea place to relax, surf, fish and getaway from it all. Learn to sail, snorkel of world class reefs, swim with dolphins or simply watch the locals at work weaving leaf for their houses. Papatura is Santa Isabelís first tourism destination and is dedicated to educating and helping the local villages start their own micro business from the retreat.
Papatura Island Fishing, Solomon Islands
Mavo Eco Fishing Logde
The waters of the Solomon islands are renowned for big game, reef, wreck, river, beach and estuary fishing.

The action is unparalleled and the waters are virtually unspoiled by commercial fishing.

Solomon Islands Wilderness Lodge
Catering for a maximum of six guests, the lodge has been designed to meld the atmosphere of the Gatokae rainforest and ocean with the lifestyle of the neighbouring small village.
Zipolo Habu Resort
Fishermen are Stephen Greaves & Cliff Chisholm from New Zealand.
Fish weighed in at 24 & 32 kg. caught in the Blackett Straits, Solomon Islands
Baolo Sports Fishing Lodge
Baolo Sports Fishing is a village stay 20 minutes from the Suavanao Airstrip on Santa Isabel Island.