Cruise Ship Excursions & Shore Tours for small groups

We have combined 2 of our best tours offering you Honiara highlights and forgotten Solomon Island culture with some amazing WWII history and sights.
Join this discount tour with a max of 8 guests.
This is the ideal tour for singles and couples to join.

Dates Cruising 2019:

September 2019 - MS Maasdam (Japan to Sydney via Honiara)

May 1 - Le Laperouse (Honiara to Cairns)

August 14- Maasdam (Japan to Sydney via Honiara)

August 28- Maasdam (Japan to Sydney via Honiara)

Dates Cruising 2020:

March 21 - Sun Princess (Sydney to Sydney Via Honiara)

March 30 - Le Laperouse (Aukland to Honiara)

$240.00 PP including lunch
Honiara highlights, Kakabona Village tour and the Western battlefields tour

Honiara: This was the only real city we visited on this cruise. There are several historic WWII sights, a few museums and a large local market that are a short walking distance from the dock. Guadalcanal was the location of one of the most gruesome WWII battles. 7000 American soldiers and 24,000 Japanese soldiers died during a six month period on Guadalcanal. There are numerous memorials and historic sites near Honiara and on Guadalcanal. The WWII war tour was one of the more popular excursions.
— 2018 passenger

Savo Island Tour

3 Hours

$398 AUD PP
You will be collected from your hotel and taken by boat with guide to Savo Island to view the megapod area.
Experience Dolphin Zone where you will see the Dolphins swimming around in their natural habitat and take a partial Volcano walk along the creek to view the steaming heat vents.

Morning Tea is included.

Lunch will be at your own expense at the Sunset Lodge.


Honiara Nature Tour

3 Hours
1 Person $138 AUD PP
2-4 People $115 AUD PP
5 – up People $95 AUD PP

You will be collected from your hotel and travel west to the botanical gardens, then continue to Kakabona village, visit the butterfly breeding house and learn about local custom medicines. Learn the many uses for coconuts and eat and drink some. Learn local basket waiving and enjoy true Solomon style lunch. Swim and enjoy the beach.

Tulagi Island Day Tour

Full Day
You will be collected from your hotel and taken to Point Cruz to board a boat to travel to Central Province. The boat trip will take 1 ½ hours, you will then be guided through World War II historical sites. You will also get to go to Gavutu Island where the Japanese built a big wharf during the war, then visit Tokyo Bay where many Japanese War ships rushed to try to avoid being bombed by American Armed Forces.
Bring your own Lunch and Water.

Min 2 People

2 People $458 AUD PP
3 - 6 People $345 AUD PP


Honiara City Tour

3 Hours
Be picked up from your hotel or cruise ship and guided through the city visiting all the highlights that the colourful Honiara has to offer.

• Centrepoint – Point Cruz
• Commonwealth Street – Coastwatchers and Scout Monument
• Ports Area
• Central Market (Not available on Sundays)
• Chinatown
• American Memorial
• Through local neighbourhood
• Solomon Island National Parliament
• Solomon National Museum and Art Gallery
• High Court
• Jacob Vuza Monument

1 Person $138 AUD
2 - 4 People $115 AUD PP
5 + People $92 AUD PP

We are back from our holiday and I just wanted to say thank you so much. We had a great time in Honiara. Our driver was lovely and informative and didn’t rush us. Please thank Kym. She was very helpful particularly as our ship was late getting in but she handled everything smoothly. P&O did put some similar tours on in the end but I am glad we went through your company.
— Christine 2017


07 55279 855 | INFO@GOTOURS.COM.AU

SIVB_0012_DK_2016 - Vilu Outdoor War Museum.jpg

Eastern Battlefield and Sightseeing Tour

4 Hours
You will be picked up from your hotel and guided through Honiara into Eastern Honiara where you will see some of the Battle fields of Guadalcanal that took place from August 1942 until February 1943.


Red Beach Landing Site/ Japanese Monument

Alligator Creek River Mouth

USA Marine Hospital Tenaru

Henderson Field

Bloody Ridge

Betikama World War II Display and Carvings

US Memorial at Skyline Ridge

1 Person $172 AUD
2 - 4 People $149 AUD PP
5 - 8 People $126 AUD PP


The tour was everything I hoped it would be. This was a very intense & emotional day. It was also very powerful to share the van with the 4 other guys as we went thru the battlefields. Kelly (our Guadalcanal guide) was absolutely fantastic.
Thanks for all your help.
Jim (USA) - November 17
Hi Christine
The tour was really good thanks. Our guide was really knowledgeable and obviously had a passion for the subject. He also gave us some flexibility e.g. going to different places and a choice of where to go for lunch. Overall we were really happy with it - thanks for arranging it!
Rob - April 16

LOOKING FOR a Honiara add on?

$399 AUD per room per day to stay at Honiara's leading 4 star hotel - 
Heritage Park Hotel

Heritage Park Hotel

Heritage Park Hotel

Accommodation in a Single/Double Share Room

Full Buffet Breakfast for 1 - 2 pax

All Taxes and Levies

Meal Allowance of $150.00 SDB per day

*Min 2 Nights

Western Battlefield and Sightseeing Tour

4 Hours
You will be picked up from your hotel and shown scenes of the Battle of Guadalcanal. Driving west from Honiara you will travel through Kakabona Village, Poha River, Coconut Plantations along the western coast to Bonegi Wreck, a ship wreak just off the beach perfect for snorkelling. With Beautiful Views across to Savo Island and Central Province After you'll visit the Outdoor Vilu War Museum.
Bring your own equipment if you want to snorkel.
Great Fish or Chicken meals available, cooked in roadside kitchens served on a woven palm leaf plate.
A Must Try.

1 Person $172 AUD
2 - 4 People $149 AUD PP
5 - 8 People $126 AUD PP

The tours by Floyd of Hapi Isles Adventures was outstanding. He has local knowledge and contacts, was very accommodating, and is a great driver in Honiara traffic. Kim was waiting for us when we arrived at the airport on Monday and took us to the resort. Thanks again for arranging this for us.
— Jeff 2017

Mataniko Waterfall Tours

5 Hours
You will be collected from your hotel, This guided tour starts in Lelei Village at Tuvaruhu. After crossing the Matanikau River you will hike uphill to the top of Galloping Horse Hills, which is featured in the movie “The Thin Red Line”.
The hike takes approx. 1 ½ to 2 hours to the waterfall depending on how fit you are. You then follow the length of river back down. Be ready to get wet and have a good pair of hiking shoes. Bring plenty of water.
Please note you need to be fit to do this hike.

1 Person $160 AUD PP
2 - 4 People $138 AUD PP
5 - 8 People $126 AUD PP

*Please Note: This tour is suitable for those with a reasonable level of fitness and are able bodied, as there is substantial about of walking on rocky terrain.

SIVB_0060_DK_2016 - Tenaru Waterfall.jpg

Tenaru Waterfall Tour

6 Hours
Your tour guide will collect you from your hotel or rest house and travel east, past Henderson Airfield over Alligator Creek through Tenaru Village to the spot that you will begin the walk to the Waterfall. The local guide and custom land owner will point out many interesting points of interest and wildlife along the half an hour walk to the beautiful waterfalls were you can swim and enjoy the picturesque landscape. If you are willing to adventure further, you can walk another 30 minutes to a cave with Bats and custom drawings. This adventure is a must on Guadalcanal.

1 Person $184 AUD PP
2- 4 People $160 AUD PP
5 + People $140 AUD PP

*Please Note: This tour is suitable for those with a reasonable level of fitness and are able bodied, as there is substantial about of walking on rocky terrain.

Our Waterfall Tour was certainly memorable. Michael was a great informative tour guide and our other guide Alfonse was fantastic. They both were very patient and helped us climb logs, constructed walking sticks for us from trees and made us feel very safe during this magnificent walk in the jungle. The waterfall was astounding and we loved our time there. It did take longer than we thought (3.7kms to the waterfall and the same distance going back up, we were probably slow at times because we didn’t want an injury) But we really felt that we had experienced something that you only see in the movies and have great memories of the adventure.
— Julia 2018


07 55279 855 | INFO@GOTOURS.COM.AU


Kakabona Cultural Village Tour

3 Hours

Experience a world that time forgot and Kakabona Village and meet Primo and his family and learn their peaceful way of life.

Go Tours Travel is proudly the only international travel agent who can offer this unique village experience.

Lumatapopoho is a local community who has decided to live culturally in their traditional way away from today’s society. Your exclusive tour will showcase, food preparation, traditional building, storytelling, welcome experience and fire-making.

1 Person $160 AUD PP
2-4 People $138 AUD PP
5+ People $115 AUD PP


Ultimate WWII Tour

Full Day Tour

This tour includes everything in Eastern Battlefield and Western Battlefield and Also Tetere Amtrac graveyard , Gifu Hill 27, Mount Austen Japanese Memorial.

Starting in the east where the first Us troops landed in august 1942, travel through the many battlefield to the west side. Visiting Bloody Ridge, Red Beach, Tetere, Alegator Creek, Betikama, Mount Austen, Gifu, Vilu, Bonege and more.

This tour has been specifically designed for those who are interested to learn in depth about the battle of Guadalcanal and Solomon Islands involvement in the second world war.

1 Peron $424 AUD PP

2-4 People $344 AUD PP

5+ People $310 AUD PP

Sue and I had a great time on Sunday. Thoroughly enjoyed the personalised itinerary and the Western Battlefield was really quite interesting. Loved learning about the history.  The village experience was great too. Floyd and Kim were full of knowledge and pointed out lots of interesting stuff.
Sue was feeling a bit car sick and Floyd and Kim were very considerate in allowing as much time as we needed in the fresh air as well as going to buy a soft drink.  Also loved having Michael along for part of the ride and him sharing his local village knowledge particularly about custom medicine.  We also visited his butterfly farm which was very  fascinating.
Would highly recommend this tour and group to anyone visiting Honiara.
(Dani and Sue combined the western battlefield tour with the Kakabona Village tour.) 
— Dani & Sue




The US Memorial Commemorate Tour takes you on a journey through one of the most gruesome WWII battles. Touring through ship wreaks, caves, Japanese memorial hall, attend a commemorative service at the US Memorial and much more!


Although we try to follow the itinerary at times tours are subject to change due to weather and access by local communities.