Vaiula Beach Fales


Welcome to a perfect piece of paradise in the heart of Polynesia. Vaiula Beach Fales are situated in the district of Falealili on the island of Upolu (south side) in the Island Nation of Samoa (formerly Western Samoa) Tofa Soifua Galu Tatu. Ben, Dave and Family are happy to welcome you to an unforgettable traditional Samoan experience.

Situated on beach front, Vaiula beach Fales offer a range of traditional Samoan fales for both day and overnight visitors. Also available for weddings, tour groups and other large groups. Accommodation includes Breakfast & Dinner. Activities include Swimming, Caving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Volleyball, Surfing and Fishing.


  Vaiula Beach Fales.

Vaiula Beach Fales.




All fales are built in the traditional Samoan style of housing; a thatched roof on wooden posts and an elevated wooden floor. No walls - only when you want them. All fales come with fresh bedding and a mosquito net; powered and non powered fales are available for one or more persons. There are also BBQ facilities available or you can bring your own grill.

The new Club Vaiula is a resort facility for both day and overnight guest, it includes a small bar, table tennis, seating and sundeck.

Overnight rental of the entire club is also possible; two bedrooms, loft, kitchen, freezer, fridge, toilet, shower, sundeck and two hammocks. Great for weddings, functions and corporate getaways.


  Vaiula Beach Fales

Vaiula Beach Fales




May through to October sees consistent southerly swells, these swells can also hit late April and early November. From Dec through to April the northern side of the island picks up the same swells that run past Hawaii, though losing power from the distanced travelled the surf is still consistent and fun during summer.

Waves within a 20min boat ride from Vaiula Beach with Samoa Surf Secrets include:



The local wave, just a short boat trip from the resort. Links up with a South to south west swell, barrels and has a bending bowling corner.


A freight train left on an outer reef which can produce long, insane barrels. Has three take off points and blows offshore in the south east trade winds.


A classic left-hand point break, very powerful and protected in the SE trades. Can hold up to 15ft.


Situated just 15mins east of Vauila beach Fales, this punchy bowly barrelling right is world class.


Situated just 15mins east of Vauila beach Fales, this barrelling fast pinning left is world class.


  Vaiula Beach Fales Surfing.

Vaiula Beach Fales Surfing.





Venture further out with a snorkel and explore the wonders of a tropical coral reef and all the fish varieties that call it home.


The reef protected white sands of the inner lagoon offer clear blue water swimming and snorkelling in a low rip current environment.


There are many hiking trails to explore that lead to beautiful forests and spectacular waterfalls with lava feed natural spring swimming holes.


Enjoy life the real island way and relax on one of many hammocks and soak up the mesmerising views and sounds.


Explore the Hidden Cave at the back of Viaula Beach Fales. Enter the cave with a torch and a fresh spirit of adventure as you walk through meters of cave and take a swim in the underwater delights of a natural Spring


Rent a Kayak and take an easy paddle around the lagoon


  Vaiula Beach Fales Activities.

Vaiula Beach Fales Activities.