Paradise Cruise Catamaran


An unforgettable experience...

cruise - fish - snorkel - surf & RELAX in paradise on a small tailor made charter


Sail the Tropical Pacific Ocean Lagoons of New Georgia in the Western Province, Santa Isabel, the rarely visited area of Choiseul and any of the other 990 islands that make up the Solomon Islands on board the 60 foot catamaran SV Chemistry.
Surf the remote waves, fish for world class catches, snorkel on pristine reef, take an adventure cruise to the Land That time forgot of "The Hapi Isles" The Solomons is the ideal place to cruise with sheltered waters, lagoon and bays, remote villages, think tropical rainforest teaming with rare wildlife, exotic birds and amazing flora.


SV Chemistry is a  60 foot, 6 berth, Bob Oramsailing catamaran Catamaran initially launched in 2000 but not completed until 2006. Two Kubota diesels for when the wind does not serve. Desalinator and roof catchment for fresh water. Fridge and deep freeze. All safety equipment. Comprehensive first aid kit although we do not carry defibrillators or oxygen. Gavin is an experienced yacht master who has cruised The Solomons since 2008. Luciana is an excellent Brazilian Chef.

Let us tailor design an unforgettable sailing trip to take on a discovery of life. Step Off The Map in the Solomon Islands.

Communication is Vhf and mobile phone.

Game rod, casting rod, trolling line and lures all provided. 

SV Chemistry carries a dinghy with  30 hp outboard to access the reefs for snorkelling or exploring the remote beaches and shallows of the lagoons. Also carried is an ocean kayak. Scuba is available through local operators. Surf when the waves are up or just unwind on board.

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