Mu Bali


Mu Bali is a special place with un-spoilt and unhurried pleasures. A private complex of ten thatched grass roof Bungalows and one private villa, Mu Bali is a secluded cliff top property at Bingin Beach on the west coast of Bukit, just meters from the beautiful white sand beaches of Dreamland and Bingin. The property overlooks the famous surfing waves of Bingin and Impossible, and is within walking distance of Uluwatu and Padang-Padang, yet just 30 minutes from the airport and Kuta. 

All of Mu’s bungalows are built using natural materials including grass thatch roofs, bamboo and stone walls. They are all equipped with electricity, fans, hot water, king size bed, mosquito net and private bathrooms. 

The property has a number of features which make it feel that much more like paradise, these include a number of traditional Indonesian Ballet built on the cliff top, where you can relax, have massage and enjoy the views and magical sunsets. Another feature is the infinity salt water swimming pool, this pool is 19meters in length and looks over the gorgeous Indian Ocean, and last but not least is the independent Jacuzzi right that sits right on the cliffs edge.



Pintu Bunglaow

The Pintu is a small Bungalow situated at the back of the property near the main entrance and is surrounded by beautiful green tropical plants. This bungalow has two separate queen beds in the one room and has its own private bathroom in an adjacent bungalow.

Banyan Tree Bungalow

The Banyan Tree Bungalow gets its name from the Banyan tree that grows next to it; this bungalow is nice and spacious, positioned towards the back of the property. The nice and spacious fan cooled room has two double beds and the simply beautiful private bathroom is located outside in a neighbouring building.

Isha Bungalow

The Isha is located at the very front of the property right on the cliff edge; this bungalow is open aired with a magnificent view over looking Bingin Beach. The Isha Bungalow has two connected double beds overlooking the ocean with an open bath and shower, there is also a small kitchenette with in this bungalow.

Yoga Bungalow

The Yoga Bungalow is located on top of the large yoga area toward the front of the property, it has a beautiful double bed and gorgeous stone walled bathroom. This bungalow also has a terrace with deck chairs that opens up from the bedroom with a fantastic view overlooking the resort and Indian Ocean.

Pura Bungalow

Pura means temple in Indonesian and this bungalow has a beautiful Balinese temple located next to it. This is the most private of all the bungalows and is situated off to the side of the property amongst luscious green flora. The Pura has one double bed and an extra outside daybed, the bungalow an en-suite bathroom with an outside jungle shower.

Bulan Bungalow

Bulan means moon in Indonesian. This bungalow has a beautiful four post bamboo double bed along with an outside daybed and deck chairs to laze in the suns warmth. The Bulan Bungalow also features a spacious bathroom in an adjacent building, constructed in a matching décor to provide complete harmony.

Matahari Bungalow

Matahari in Indonesian means eyes of the day: Sun! and this Bungalow is located towards the front of the property with a wide open grass area revealing a stunning view out over the Indian Ocean, a perfect spot to relax and soak in the Bali sun. The Matahari has one double bed and a large private en-suite bathroom beautifully styled from natural materials, it also feature a daybed outside.

Cliff Bungalow

The Cliff Bungalow is a very private bungalow and has the most spectacular view of Bingin Beach, it is located in the middle of the cliff below Mu’s main Property. The Cliff Bungalow has a beautiful double bed which overlooks the ocean, it also features its own fridge and private bathroom. This bungalow is fan cooled but is also very open to allow the cool sea breeze in.

Tenggiri Bungalow

The Tenggiri bungalow is located right before the entrance of Mu Bali and is a very private double bed bungalow with a beautiful small garden. It has a comfortable bedroom with air conditioning to keep you cool at night, a very spacious pebble stone bathroom and a cozy outdoor living area and kitchen. This bungalow also features a TV and DVD player in the outdoor living room.

Bintang Bungalow

Bintang in Indonesian means star, this two floor bungalow is located in the middle of the property and is the perfect bungalow for a family or group of 4 to 5 people. The Bintang’s first floor has two bedrooms, one single and one double both with air-con and fans to keep you cool, it also features a large living area and a gorgeous private bathroom. The second floor is a mezzanine that has a spacious bedroom with a bathroom and fans. The bungalow opens out onto the front of the property and has wonderful view overlooking the resort and ocean.

Sirena Suite

The Sirena Suite is a private villa in its own complex next to Mu’s bungalows; this spectacular villa features its own private salt water swimming pool, kitchen and large living area with TV and DVD player. This property is designed in a lovely simple yet modern style and has one beautiful master bedroom upstairs with its own private en-suite bathroom and downstairs there are two bedrooms which open out to the middle courtyard/pool area with one bathroom, all rooms have air-con and fans to keep cool. The Sirena Suite is perfect for a family or group wanting their own private facilities.