About your guide - Kerin


A little bit about your tour host – Kerin Starr.

Travel is my passion and over the years, by taking the road less travelled, I’ve enjoyed plenty of laughs experiencing different cultures and throwing myself into a range of quirky customs.

I think everyone should be travelling, so, the number one question I ask people I meet for the first time is “Where was your last holiday and why did you choose that destination?” It’s a great ice breaker and I hear some amazing stories or learn of new places to visit.

My belief is that life is short, there’s a huge world to discover, to enjoy and with a myriad of experiences on offer that enrich our lives.   I have travelled extensively over the past 25 years and have visited over 38 countries, majority in Europe.  Why Europe? To me Europe is really the beginning of civilisation, many of our languages are based on European languages, great cultures abound in the countries within the continent of Europe and each hold onto their age-old traditions. The architecture and the scenery is quite spectacular as well.

I’ve always encouraged friends, family and acquaintances to travel.  I often do such a good job that friends and acquaintances will ask to join the holidays I’ve planned for myself or they’ll ask me to plan their whole trip for them. 

These years of taking others on our holidays has moved me into another phase of encouraging others to travel…the small group tour.

I love to show people to places I’ve visited before, to stay in amazing hotels and Chateaux, to experience the way of life of a certain region or a country. It’s an even better holiday if there aren’t any early morning starts, if we can sit around a vineyard and sip wine or taste the fabulous Champagne of France and, if you’re game, try our hand at a cooking class. I’m all for immersing myself in the culture and, luckily, the very long lunch is part of European culture. 

For our first small group tour, I’ve chosen the Burgundy and Champagne region of France.  I’m not at all interested in rising extremely early to get on a bus and drive for 10 hours to the next destination – short hops are my style, staying in one place for 2 days’ minimum.

If you’d like to spend some time visiting the French wine regions of Champagne and Burgundy on a leisurely tour with everything taken care of why not join us – some of my friends are!